Engage more
customers, faster!

Empower your business with a 24/7 digital omni-channel presence across popular user channels including WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and more  through agentBo. Elevate B2C interactions as customers seamlessly connect with your backend systems anytime, anywhere. Your gateway to effortless, direct engagement awaits through agentBo.

agentBo is a key product of the Stencil Technologies’ Communications-As-A-Service suite of applications.

Fast. Efficient. Secure.

Engage more
customers, faster!

Generate leads, increase conversions, and improve response time with chatbot and live chat, across multiple B2C channels.


How can agentBo help you?

Every conversation stitched to one view

Keeping up with customers coming across multiple touch-points can be a challenge. Simplify omnichannel interactions with the OneView Inbox

A better, faster, stronger way to connect with customers

Experience streamlined communication with our free AI chatbot, providing 24/7 lead generation, support optimization, and personalized conversations

Everything you need, under one fully integrated platform

Balance automation with the human touch. Set up quick replies, close sales, and collaborate with customers in real-time with Live Chat

A solution that saves time

That’s what your customers want. Keep conversations flowing as your AI chatbot platform answers complex queries within seconds with DocuSense

Get more value from your favourite tools

Seamlessly integrate AgentBO with third-party applications and CRMs you already use for marketing, ticketing, analytics, and growth

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