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About Us

Stencil Technologies is a 100% citizen owned technology services company domiciled in Botswana and providing services both locally and across the SADC region. We employ our experience and reach to build local capacity in our technology offerings and provide technology innovations to the region and beyond whilst establishing partnerships with leading global technology companies for high demand emerging technologies.

At Stencil Technologies, quality is our mission. We’re committed to enhancing your User Experience (UX) through technology with exceptionally fast turnaround times. We believe our best customers, are yours.


Stencil Technologies, a 100% citizen-owned technology services company based in Botswana, stands as a prominent player in the tech landscape, delivering cutting-edge solutions locally and across the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region. Our commitment extends beyond geographical borders as we leverage our experience to foster local capacity in technology while spearheading innovations that transcend regional boundaries. Through strategic partnerships with leading global technology firms, we ensure access to and implementation of high-demand emerging technologies.

At Stencil Technologies, our overarching mission is quality. We prioritize enhancing User Experience (UX) through technology, and we pride ourselves on achieving exceptionally fast turnaround times. Our dedicated team employs their expertise to bring forth technological advancements that not only meet but exceed the expectations of our clients. We firmly believe that our success is intricately linked with the success of our clients, making us dedicated partners in their journey.

In embracing a citizen-centric approach, we are driven by the vision of contributing to the technological development of Botswana and the wider SADC region. By fostering collaborations and knowledge exchange with global leaders, we position ourselves at the forefront of the technology evolution. Our focus on building local capacity not only empowers the communities we operate in but also ensures sustainable growth and innovation.


Stencil Technologies employs a team of young and vibrant Batswana to drive the defined growth strategy. This team is closely supported through our strong global technology partner networks to drive knowledge transfer on the following:


 We incorporate best or leading practices, based on lessons learned and time saving frameworks together with Stencil Technologies owned Intellectual Property (IP) solutions. We leverage these lessons into every single one of our engagements to streamline the overall effort, reduce risk and decrease costs – to CIPA in this case.


The success of all projects is driven by a sound project management approach and methodology that needs to be applied from the start and executed through to completion of the project to ensure successful implementation.

At Stencil Technologies, we pride ourselves on having a pool of Project Management Professionals, many certified in Prince 2 and other Global Organisational Project Management methodologies, which ensures that projects are managed with rigour and continuous discipline.


We bring our extensive knowledge and process of transitioning services (through active and on-the-job knowledge transfer) to clients to enable the shift of the program services back to our clients

Our Mission

Drive technology transformation to unlock the exceptional value across Africa.

Our Vision

To build a leading Pan-African
technology business in 5 years

Our Values

 Passion + Integrity + Quality
= Growth.

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